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FRANKLIN Pipe and Netting

A medium weight, versatile, general purpose gate that is light and easy to handle
yet strong enough to contain animals of all varieties.

  • 25mm nominal bore pipe frame
  • 25mm nominal bore pipe support uprights
  • 75mm x 75mm x 3.15mm chainlink mesh
  • Two weld on hinges manufactured from heavy duty flat steel
  • Split link latch attachment
  • Fully hot tip galvanised inside and out.

Product IDLength
F3503Pipe and Netting 3'5" Gate
F3505Pipe and Netting 5' Gate
F3506Pipe and Netting 6' Gate
F3507Pipe and Netting 7' Gate
F3508Pipe and Netting 8' Gate
F3509Pipe and Netting 9' Gate
F3510Pipe and Netting 10' Gate
F3511Pipe and Netting 11' Gate
F3512Pipe and Netting 12' Gate
F3513Pipe and Netting 13' Gate - Made to Order
F3514Pipe and Netting 14' Gate
F3516Pipe and Netting 16' Gate - Made to Order

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